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Types of Internet Marketing

Search Optimization: Optimization improves the placement of a website on the search pages. Higher the ranking more the number of traffic you are likely to get on your website. Major websites uses various factors to calculate ranking of a website on the search pages. It does that by improving your search page ranking.

Reputation Building: Major search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, AOL & others assigns ranks to various websites by assessing the quality of the market & the text that is shown with it. The higher the quality, higher the rank you will be assigned. So if you get a high ranking place on their search pages, more the number of hits your website will record. Increased traffic will mean increased sales.

Pay Per Click: Pay per click or paid search is an excellent tool for marketing your products or services. You have to pay the search engine which is hosting your site for every visit made to your site from there. It is very cheap since you only have to pay for only the visits made to your site & not for having your site hosted.

Social Media Marketing: Another new phenomenon in the internet marketing world is the social media revolution. Social media sites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Linkedin etc. are hugely popular with people world over. Millions of people are registered to these social media sites. So by showing off your products in these popular social media sites you can instantly reach millions in an instant.