Words Are Delicious

Know People Who Changed the World

You salute people who changed the world because of their creations, views, ideas and thoughts. Though some have died, they still remain in your hearts because of their contributions in making the world a better place. You sometimes wish to follow their lead but you lack the willpower. If you can dream it, it will happen. You only need motivation and inspiration to get back that willpower. Here’s a list of people who changed the world:


If you are a Catholic, you know who Jesus is and what he did to save the world. Many people can take inspiration and motivation from him because of his pure and unselfish doings. If you want to follow him, you can thoroughly read the bible to have ideas.


Muhammad is a famous icon of Islam. Some believed he founded Islam while there are others that believe he only restored the religion but regardless, he is widely respected in Islam.

Siddharta Gautama

Some people call him Buddha. He is famous because he founded Buddhism and the eightfold path. Many people find the scriptures inspiring and moving.

William Shakespeare

If you are a fan of literature, you will never forget William Shakespeare who shared his words and wisdom through his literary works. Universally acclaimed Hamlet, Merchant of Venice and Romeo and Juliet are one of his finest works.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo is a renowned painter apart from being an engineer, inventor, mathematician, writer, sculptor and botanist. In present times, you can call him “jack of all trades” but master of many things.

You can still change the world in your own little ways. Those little things will build up and they will be larger than you think.