Words Are Delicious

Welcome to Words are delicious, where we share about content strategy. Words are like a paintbrush. With them, you can paint a beautiful picture to get your message across. Things like the recent Japan happenings have been covered in the associated press where words are used in every occurance to bring out the intensity of the happenings.
Words are powerful and can have different effects on people, based on how you express yourself with them. Everything around us has words in it, from the websites we look through everyday to our emails that we send to people. Even in Singapore interior design ideas, where we share interior design related subjects in Singapore, paid careful attention with the kind of words it used so as to convey the right message to the audience. As a wedding planner in Singapore, it is important to know how to phrase your words correctly such that people will understand your message. The wedding planning industry is a great one to be in, and Words are Delicious can help you to learn how to phrase your words well in any business. Themes have been used more and more to create beautiful websites to convey messages, and they are the base of everything that you intend to launch online. After the design, it is the words that you have to choose correctly. 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You will need to know that sites like cnbc pay careful considerations to content strategy, often hiring the best in the industry to convey messages the way they should to achieve its aim. You will be amazed at how the way you talk or phrase words in your written and spoken speech can affect the people around you, whether they are your family or friends.

Bridal Beauty 101: How to Prepare for the Grand Day

It is only natural if you want to look your best on your wedding day. Granted that it generally happens once in a lifetime, you would want to appear gorgeous both in person and in photos, and most especially before the guests you’ve invited.

Being the most beautiful version of yourself, however, does not happen in just within a few hours before the ceremony begins. Even if you hired the most renowned makeup artist in Singapore, you still need to put in some little extra effort on your part.

Beauty experts have suggested 6 tips you can follow in order to look good and feel beautiful from inside out. Just as it is essential to have a self-care routine on the daily, it becomes more imperative for you to follow a pre-wedding beauty routine which focuses on skin and facial care months before the big day. Note that there is no overnight solution to achieving beauty. You have to put in both effort and patience for you to achieve your desired results.

Get That Healthy Glow

One of the most popular beauty trend today is having sun-kissed skin. It gives that youthful, healthy glow which can make heads turn wherever one goes. If you are not keen on using a tanning bed, you can always opt to use self-tanning products which are sold in the market. There are natural glow moisturizers available, among the many cosmetic and other skincare products which can help you get that sun-touched look. Some brides-to-be even schedule a spray tan session a few days before the wedding day. All this is done to achieve that picture-perfect beautiful glow!

Plan Your Desired Hairstyle

Collaborate with your makeup stylist to plan your desired hairstyle for the big day. Note that there are some hairstyles which only suit specific face shapes, while other hairstyles work well depending on the type of dress you are to wear. Don’t hesitate to talk to someone who is well-versed about which hairstyle will fit you if you want to spice up your options.

It is also important to improve the condition of your hair by doing treatments a few months prior to the day of your wedding. Use shampoos and conditioners rich in olive oil, since it is considerably famous in toning down frizz and boosting the hair’s natural shine.

Test Your Make-Up Look

Talk to your beautician and schedule a hair and makeup trial a few months before the wedding. Most salons in Singapore already observe this procedure to avoid any misunderstandings. By doing so, you will be able to see your desired look in person and decide for yourself if there should be any alterations that must be done. Since you are enabled to fine-tune the little details in your look, your stylist will take note of the changes and offer her personal suggestions and recommendations in the process. This will decrease the chance of any issues that may arise during the day of the wedding.

Condition Your Face and Lips

Regularly exfoliating your face can result to having a smooth surface for make-up application, which is something your makeup artist will thank you for. Not only will it make their jobs easier but it will also maximize the end result of their cosmetic prowess. Make a habit out of massaging your face before you go to sleep at night, together with the frequent application of a hydrating serum. Applying it on the daily is one way to achieve smoother and softer skin.

Aside from your face, it is also important to condition your lips beforehand. Apply a generous coat of lip balm or petroleum jelly on your lips every night — both of which are available all throughout stores in Singapore. Gently rubbing the product over your lips effectively exfoliates dead skin, making your lips a whole lot softer.

Get Moving

Stretching your muscles regularly is effective in tightening and making your skin firmer, along with getting rid of the toxins that reside in the skin. With that, you’ll have a much clearer skin which is also likely to elate your makeup stylist in helping you become the most beautiful version of yourself on the day of your wedding. Think of it as hitting two birds with the same stone too, as burning the calories from all the wedding cake taste-testing and maintaining the natural vigor of your skin has never been this easier.

With an increased endorphin count in the body, a good workout is also likely to boost your energy and make you feel happier. Both of which are advantages in getting your wedding preparations done!

Eat Healthier

Following a healthy diet brings a number of benefits on the body, particularly when it comes to taking good care of your skin. Even if it is difficult, it is encouraged to refrain from consuming foods rich in sugar, sodium, and artificial preservatives since they are notorious for causing belly fat and bloating. Include green, leafy vegetables, fruits, and lots of water in your diet instead. They are efficient in giving you the energy boost that you need together with clearing up your skin from breakouts and irregularities at the same time.

As was previously mentioned, a clear skin is guaranteed to make the job of your makeup artist easier— increasing the chances of your satisfaction for the end result.

Preparing to look best on your wedding day doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. Most brides-to-be aspire to achieve that radiant look on the big day, and the good news is: it’s not impossible to do so. Becoming the most beautiful version of yourself can be achieved through a series of simple, yet effective self-care tips. All you have to do is put in a generous amount of effort and patience!

Revealing Beauty Secrets

It feels good inside when you know that you look good outside. There are many people who consider vanity a sin, you respect them for that but they should also respect you when you use different items especially if it has everything to do with beauty and maintaining it. When you go out, you make sure to look good because it feels good and you don’t know what will happen. You should consider different tips to maintain your beauty:

Take care of that hair

No hair is hopeless as long as you treat it. If you want natural treatments, you can always purchase it over-the-counter. If it can be helped, you should go for natural treatments but if it is not, hair saloons are available to cater to whatever your hair needs.  For unnecessary hairs like underarm, legs and the pubic part, you should shave it.

Wear less and project more

Women usually look prettier without any make-up. When going out, you should try to keep it light or nude. Men usually prefer simple women than women with heavy make-up. You should choose what feature you want to define. For example if you want to define the eyes, you can concentrate on that part and apply light make-up on other parts.

If acne is visible, treat it immediately

Skin is important because the glow you feel inside will radiate in the skin. You should look for ways to make it healthy. If acne or any visible blemish appears, you should treat it immediately or you can simply go to your dermatologists.

Accept that beauty essentials are costly

Beauty essentials for the hair, face and skin are costly. As long as you find it effective, you should continue using it for the longest time.

Know People Who Changed the World

You salute people who changed the world because of their creations, views, ideas and thoughts. Though some have died, they still remain in your hearts because of their contributions in making the world a better place. You sometimes wish to follow their lead but you lack the willpower. If you can dream it, it will happen. You only need motivation and inspiration to get back that willpower. Here’s a list of people who changed the world:


If you are a Catholic, you know who Jesus is and what he did to save the world. Many people can take inspiration and motivation from him because of his pure and unselfish doings. If you want to follow him, you can thoroughly read the bible to have ideas.


Muhammad is a famous icon of Islam. Some believed he founded Islam while there are others that believe he only restored the religion but regardless, he is widely respected in Islam.

Siddharta Gautama

Some people call him Buddha. He is famous because he founded Buddhism and the eightfold path. Many people find the scriptures inspiring and moving.

William Shakespeare

If you are a fan of literature, you will never forget William Shakespeare who shared his words and wisdom through his literary works. Universally acclaimed Hamlet, Merchant of Venice and Romeo and Juliet are one of his finest works.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo is a renowned painter apart from being an engineer, inventor, mathematician, writer, sculptor and botanist. In present times, you can call him “jack of all trades” but master of many things.

You can still change the world in your own little ways. Those little things will build up and they will be larger than you think.

Packing Your Travel Make-up Kit

Hello sun, sea and sand, and all the fun travels for this season. Travelling, for sure, entails a lot of photo capturing moments and all day strolling, which means you have to look well-groomed all the time. This doesn’t mean that you have to be all glammed-up, but being well presentable enough to look just as nice as the place you’re at. Look fresh and natural even when you’re away from the convenience of your vanity desk with these must-haves for your make-up travel kit.

Foundation/Concealer – Foundation and concealer gives the face an even skin tone and provides UV sunscreens. You can use tinted moisturizer or BB cream of your shade. When going out during daytime, it is advisable to keep the make-up light. So, it would be best to apply foundation only to the areas where you need it the most.

Mascara – Mascara gives instant glow to the eyes. Use waterproof mascara especially when you’re headed to the beach. If you forgot your curl lash or mascara, you can use a spoon. Just heat it in hot water and lightly press its back to your lashes for an instant curl.

Cheek and Lip Tint – Cheek and lip tint will give you an effortless blush and natural lip colour. It also provides long lasting colours compared to regular blush on and lipstick.

Lip Balm and Lipstick – The heat of the summer sun may cause sore and chopped lips. Before putting on you lipstick, apply lip balm first to your lips. Or if you can go out with just lip gloss on, better. Save the matte and other long lasting lipsticks for important events and night outs.

The Bests of Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched just weeks ago in New York’s Radio City Music Hall and expected to cause clamour in the tech market come May when it opens to the public. While some of the features had leaked weeks before the debut date, the much-awaited gadget did not fail to wow attendants in its launching event. So, what are the cool features of the new Samsung Galaxy S IV? Let’s check out.

Screen Display

Galaxy S IV has Full HD 5-inches Super AMOLED screen with 441 ppi pixel density, making it one of the highest-density smartphones people have seen. Furthermore, the new Galaxy phone’s screen can now be operated by hovering your finger over it. It also lets you view contents, such as photos and emails, without opening it and change tracks, scroll through web pages and answer call just by a wave of your hand.


Cameras are an essential part of today’s phones, and Samsung offers one of the best-quality cameras in the market. The Samsung Galaxy S4 boasts a 13-megapixel primary camera with high-speed shutter and flash, and a 2-megapixel front cam for self-photo capturing and Smart Pause control. The Smart Pause feature knows when the user looks or turns away from the phone’s screen. For instance, when you look away, the video streaming will pause and will only resume when you look back again.

S Health

For the health conscious, you will find a fitness buddy with Samsung’s “S Health” feature, which tracks physical exercise metrics and calculates calorie intake. In addition to its on-board tracking tool, the calculations are boosted when combined with body scale, heart rate monitor, and S band accessories. These add-on tools can track your weight, heart rate, sleep patterns and physical activities.

Benefits of Internet Marketing

The biggest benefit of internet marketing is perhaps the fact that it is very cheap compared to other modes of marketing. Today internet marketing is probably the cheapest mode of marketing available. Another benefit of internet marketing is that, here you not just market your product but you can interact with your customers as well. So marketing takes a whole new form here. With services like Pay per click (PPC) one does not have to pay for a lump sum for merely putting up an ad on a site. One only needs to pay when people are visiting the site. It brings down the overall cost of having marketing drastically & improves the purpose of putting up an ad immensely. It also helps in attracting prospective customers who are looking for similar products & services. A well designed web site may also help in convincing customers who may not be fully committed in buying the product, into buying yours.

Types of Internet Marketing

Search Optimization: Optimization improves the placement of a website on the search pages. Higher the ranking more the number of traffic you are likely to get on your website. Major websites uses various factors to calculate ranking of a website on the search pages. It does that by improving your search page ranking.

Reputation Building: Major search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, AOL & others assigns ranks to various websites by assessing the quality of the market & the text that is shown with it. The higher the quality, higher the rank you will be assigned. So if you get a high ranking place on their search pages, more the number of hits your website will record. Increased traffic will mean increased sales.

Pay Per Click: Pay per click or paid search is an excellent tool for marketing your products or services. You have to pay the search engine which is hosting your site for every visit made to your site from there. It is very cheap since you only have to pay for only the visits made to your site & not for having your site hosted.

Social Media Marketing: Another new phenomenon in the internet marketing world is the social media revolution. Social media sites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Linkedin etc. are hugely popular with people world over. Millions of people are registered to these social media sites. So by showing off your products in these popular social media sites you can instantly reach millions in an instant.

Internet Marketing: Essential for Small/Large Scale Industry

All industries today, whether small or large, need to promote their products or services so that they the potential customers may become aware of them. These marketing are usually done through Television, Radio, Newspapers, magazines etc. Today another medium has arrived which can be used by various businesses to market their product effectively. Internet marketing today is one of the best ways to promote your brand of products or services with the help of the internet online. Today internet marketing has overtaken all other forms of traditional marketing methods & has emerged as one of the most leading medium of marketing with the businesses. The biggest advantage that internet marketing has over a;; other forms of marketing methods is that it is very cheap compared to them. Where other marketing methods may take millions of dollars to market your product effectively through them, internet marketing will cost a penny compared to them. This advantage has made internet marketing very popular with both small & large scale industries alike. Various IT companies today provide cost effective & efficient internet marketing solutions to the business houses.